random orbital sanderThese days it is quite hard to determine which random orbital sander to choose. This is because of the different brands and models that are currently on the market. Even with a single brand there are different models to select from. It is therefore important to understand the array of features. These will help you make an informed buying choice. The following are the most important factors you should take into account when buying the sanding machines:

Variable speed settings

There are many random orbital sanders with variable speed settings that allow you to control the sanding process. This will help you control how slow or fast your sander orbits. This is very important if you are using the sander for the removal of stains or old paints, and applying a smooth finish. This makes the sander versatile and will allow you to use it for many sanding projects.

On board dust collection

Most sanders that are currently on the market feature the on board dust collection mechanism. This is a great feature as it will save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in cleaning the machine. The sanders with a superior mechanism in dust collection have suction holes that are built right into its sanding pad. This sucks up the dust as soon as it is created while working. The dust is then directed to the either the bag or dust canister that is attached directly to the machine. Some models allow you to hook your orbital sander to the vacuum hose for great dust collection capacity.

Designed for comfort

You should ensure your orbital sander is comfortable if you are going to use it for long hours. Most sanding machines are loaded with various comfort features. This makes it easy to use and handle with the use of hands. Most of the units have rubberised grips for extra comfort. For instance, there are sanders that will come with two handles. This makes it easy to grip the machine in different ways while you are sanding.

The above three points are only some of the various things to consider when purchasing an orbital sander. There are other important things you should also take into account that include cost, warranties, durability and many more. It is therefore advisable to read the various orbital sander reviews before deciding which the best machine to use is.

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