orbital sandersNew technologies in recent years have made amazing advances in the use of orbital sanders. The sanders have become very important tools because of convenience they deliver. It is easy to set up the sanders and use them very quickly on the smooth surfaces. Another added advantage to the use of these machines is that they deliver minimal sanding marks on the project.

The random orbit motion

This is what makes the orbital sanders quite unique in their sanding applications. They are able to go randomly at high speeds, some reportedly at 25,000 RPM. They are therefore able to create random patterns that allow the machine to imprint some sanding marks as possible. The end result will be a beautiful smooth finish.

The sandpaper

Majority of the orbital sanders that are currently on the market use a typical 5-inch disk on the foam rubber pad with the use of loop and hook connection. The normal disks have about eight holes, which form circular pattern. The holes are then lined up with dust collection holes. You therefore have the options of deciding number of grits for sanding disks that range from 60 to 220 depending on the texture of the surface.

Important features

When purchasing an orbital sander, there are important features you should look for. First you should check the dust collection feature. There are models that have a filter or a bag that is attached to the body of sander. It therefore becomes easy to connect it to a portable vacuum for higher cleaning capacity. This ensures that your sanding is cleaner and less dust is created during the sanding process.

It is necessary for the unit to have sealed switch that will help keep dust from getting into the switch. Dust is known to cause difficulties when you are switching it on and off. Your sander should be well-balanced and feel comfortable when you hold it on the hands. First, you should switch on the sander so as to feel the way it vibrates. It is normal for a machine to vibrate, but excessive vibration will cause fatigue when you are working on the larger sanding projects.

If you want a high-end orbital sander, then you should go for one with variable speed. This is important when you are doing sanding on heat-sensitive materials. On the other hand, it is not a practical feature when sanding on wood projects. In addition, you should look for one with a trigger lock that locks power when the machine is not in use.

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