orbital sander basics

If you are going to make use of one it is important to know the orbital sander basics before you start. An orbital sander is little power tool that is commonly found in many woodshops. It is important to note that every wood working project requires some form of finish sanding in order to create a mark-free, nice finished surface. It is different from the belt sander because of the random orbital motion of sanding head. Random motion is highly regarded because it does not leave or create directional marks, like the belt sanders do.

Orbital sanders can be used from rough sanding to fine finish sanding. This is simply possible by changing its grit size. They use the round sanding disks that are readily available in local hardware stores. There are many manufacturers making these types of sanders. The popular brands include Bosch, Clarke, Makita, DeWalt, Huscle, Ryobi, and Portable Cable. These are the most recognized brands in the world. However, it is your homework to research more on these brands their features vary from one model to another.

There are important things you should check on your new orbital sanders. First, the sander should be comfortable to use. It should feel good in your hands. This is necessary because you may be using the machine for extended hours. A comfortable sander will ensure your arms and hands are not easily fatigued. In addition, you should check its dust collection mechanism whether it is using a filter or an attachment or bag. Because of the dust resulting from the nature of work, it is necessary to check for a sander with sealed power switch. This will help you keep the dust out and ensure that your sander is able to work long hours and used for many years.

An orbital sander usually has either a rectangular or square fixed base. They usually come as half sheet, third sheet, or quarter sheet sanders. The working mechanism moves its base in eccentric motion. The rate of stock removal is determined by the diameter of the eccentric motion. In addition, they either come as direct drive or gear driven. In direct drive, the base is directly driven of the motor. On the other hand, in the gear driven orbital sander, the motor feeds into gearbox that drives its sander base. It is important to note that larger the orbital sander is the faster stock removal rate.

Orbital sanders are fairly durable. This is because they are made of high quality materials. they require minimal maintenance and should be oiled regularly in order to improve the life span.

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